Updated: 6/28/2017


When young librarian Rowan finds a letter hidden in a book, his curiosity gets the better of him. He tracks down the owner: an ex-Navy SEAL living alone in the woods. Grant is the rugged man of anyone’s dreams, but he’s sullen and withdrawn – a damaged hero struggling with the loss of his hearing.

Sensing a man in need of company, Rowan starts learning sign language to communicate with him, and an unconventional friendship forms. But their differences may be too vast to overcome… even as an intense, forbidden attraction simmers behind every stolen glance and signed word.

Updated: 5/6/2017

Fire & Icing

Hothead firefighter Logan really gets on aspiring pastry chef Aiden's nerves. A cocky, macho alpha male - everything that intelligent and resourceful Aiden hates. But when a devastating fire forces both men into closer quarters with each other, Aiden discovers there may be more to Logan that his rugged looks and playboy personality.

Lust may be sweet, but love doesn't come with a recipe.

Updated: 2/14/17

The Book of Sky and Stars

Shy librarian Chase discovers an ancient book of untold power. After being targeted by sinister forces that seek to control it, he hires battle-hardened (and extremely cynical) knight Ellis to protect him. Together they undergo a journey through their post-apocalyptic world.

As the mismatched pair learn to trust each other, their bond grows... and so does their unspoken attraction. Will their desires consume them before the dangerous book does?


My Last Day Without You

They couldn't be more different. Wannabe artist Ezra has his head in the clouds while hockey captain Henrik Ford is fiercely focused on his career. But after a chance encounter, both men let their guards down and sparks fly.

One tiny problem: Henrik is only in town for one day. Is this just a hot and heavy 24 hour fling, or do they actually have something worth fighting for?


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My Last Ever After

One month later, Henrik and Ezra reunite to officially start their relationship. But trouble brews when Henrik's hockey performance takes a dip, a crazed fan begins stalking Ezra, and a hunky ex-Marine bodyguard heats up the tension to crazy new levels.

While their devotion bonds them together, Henrik and Ezra start to realize their "happily ever after" won't be as easy as they thought.